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Dream Language {for 3 voices} by Hannah Mahoney, Brendan Slater & Jack Galmitz published

This new book goes not gently into the rugged terrain of dreams.  Here we are soon falling into a Dream Language {for 3 voices}, where sharper travails of identity are led by the creatures of archetypal realms whose very appearance may signify a path of transformation.  In this language, parents are the givers of more than the usual human inheritance; they burden the dream-self within doorless rooms.  And here, too, water is never far: falling as snuffing snow, drowning emerging steps, only rarely comforting the dream journeyer.  The three voices are not attributed to their authors, thus making of our reading an even more varied dream language, grammars challenging our temporal world, and wisdom sought through alchemy’s fundamental elements—earth, water, air, fire.  The periodic illustrations confirm the disequilibrium of dream journeying.  If transformative haiku interests you, this book will soon enter your favorite reads, perhaps even engage your own dream language within the REM-cycle hallowed halls where becoming calls.

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