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c.2.2. Anthology of short verse published

c.2.2. is an anthology of short-verse poetry tackling themes such as loss of identity, poverty, racism, homelessness, unsentimental love, crime, punishment, in short, real life. Each poet is identified by a pen-name; there are no frills and lace in these pages, just honest, gritty experimental verse that we hope will make the reader sit up and take notice, get inspired and rethink the role of short verse not only in the poetry world but also in society, which is, after all, both subject and audience.

There are many wonderful explorations into human nature within these pages, some difficult, but well worth the effort. Life is a cycle and only the fittest survive. But literature crosses boundaries, whether old, young, rich, poor, strong or weak, we're all on an equal footing. We hope that c.2.2. will highlight this essential equality, humbling the rich and empowering the poor. Failing that, we hope it's a damn good read.

Continuing our new policy of pricing our paperbacks at the very minimum allowed by Createspace, c.2.2. will cost $4.75 from the Createspace Store and Amazon.com, £3.85 from Amazon.co.uk and €4.20 from Amazon.eu (although prices may vary slightly from country to country).

Available for $4.75 from Createspace

c.2.2. will be available from Amazon in a few days time.

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