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Moongarlic 3 Published

We are very proud to announce the publication of Moongarlic 3. You can find it here: www.moongarlic.org. Read it in flip-book format or download the PDF to read it on your tablet or eReader. This is our best issue yet, our submissions are of a very high standard and we really feel that people submitting to MG have really found the groove we are in. Keep the work flowing, we open for subs for MG4 in February 2015.


Browser Info

We have discovered that the Google Chrome or Chromium browsers are causing strange things to happen to the flip-books, making it difficult to turn the pages properly making the reading experience a bit of a hassle. We recommend using Firefox only to view the flip-books, otherwise it's best to download the PDF files located under the eBooks and read them on a PDF viewer (they are pretty standard on most operating systems: Adobe, Evince, etc). Please mail me if you have any problems and I'll do my best to sort it out: editor@yettobenamedfreepress.org. The same goes for all the moongarlic issues too.



Submissions open for MOONGARLIC 3

We are looking forward to reading your subs so don't be shy. If you've not submitted to us before please read the guidelines here: www.moongarlic.org/p/subs.html and take a look through the archives here: www.moongarlic.org/p/archives.html to get a feel for what we are looking for.


New Look

We have a new look to the website and you may need to refresh your browser and update your cookies to see it in all its glory. Or you could just eat the cookies . . .



Submissions for moongarlic 3 will be opening on the 1st August. We hope you will support us with your best and most daring work and help make MG3 the best issue yet. Please read the submission guidelines. We are seeking original unpublished work not under consideration elsewhere. We were recently made aware of people submitting montages of other, rather famous poets' work, which has lead us to remove two poems from the previous two issues of MG. We recognise allusion and montage as valid forms of poetry but citation must be provided with such works or they will be dismissed without consideration. We look forward to reading your work, good health and may the muse be with you!



Submissions for MOONGARLIC 2 are now closed. Thank you for your support. Acceptance and rejection emails will be sent out this month. Now for the hard work!



Exciting News!

We have expanded our distribution outlets, so not only can you buy our books through Amazon and Createspace you can now purchase our books from thousands of major online and offline book stores and retailers worldwide. Our books will now be available to public libraries, elementary and secondary school libraries and libraries at other academic institutions. Also, independent book stores will be able to buy our books at wholesale prices through Createspace Direct.


The Devil is a Child - Collin Barber - Published

The Devil is a Child - Collin Barber

In a voice visceral and searing, Collin Barber has taken the solitudes of haiku and the short songs of tanka and turned them on their heads, in conscious supplication to whatever redemptions the art of poetry might offer.

These are poems of unquiet and torment. They are written in the flaring language of self-reproach and personal hell, bent moonlight and splattered blood.

As such, The Devil is a Child calls upon the reader as a lost soul calls upon a friend: for succor,
understanding, and forgiveness.  Barber reminds us that such things are often lost for want of asking, and that silence gives consent.

With this book Barber has achieved a kind of modern miniature by a dweller in Dante's Inferno, without the liturgical trappings

$8.00 @ Amazon.com 
£5.00 @ Amazon.co.uk



Noah's Eggs by Johannes S. H. Bjerg published

Like the two hemispheres of our brains that collaborate to shape and define our reality, so it is with Johannes S.H. Bjerg's "Noahs eggs", a book of parallel haiku- two haiku positioned on a page together that, when read tends to create a third sense or dimension in relation to the two haiku. Bjerg pushes the envelope juxtaposing his well crafted and profoundly meaningful haiku images.

$8.00 @ Amazon.com
£5.50 @ Amazon.co.uk
ISBN: 978-1493694167

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