Print on demand (POD) has made it possible for anyone to be a publisher. It allows for the production of paper copies on the cheap, so authors who are interested in getting their work out there, can do so. The philosophy at Yet To Be Named Free Press is just that---get it out there. We will publish books that mainstream publishers won't touch. But this doesn't mean we'll compromise on quality, we will only publish literature of the highest standard.

Our areas of interest are short-verse poetry, short prose, photography, images and any combination thereof. We seek to publish fresh and exciting poetry and art, the stuff that sticks in your head, or gets you boring your mates senseless with.

So why don't I just do it myself? you may be asking yourself. Good question, why don't you? We are building a strong catalogue of new work, so when you pick up a book carrying the Yet To Be Named Free Press logo you know it'll be a great read.

Within one year of the date of publication all our titles will be available as an electronic download. So if you can't afford, or don't want to shell out on the paperback, you'll still get chance to read the books.
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